Family Rosary

Please pray for me that my new job goes good, and that the 2 bossy people there respect my education and other work. Prayers that my driving goes well and to be happy, confide... Read Full Prayer
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5 Jul 2020
Diane P
Kindly pray for Shalini 30yrs old, my brother's wife has 2 daughters 3yrs and 2yrs.during her 2nd pregnancy she had high blood pressure,this lead to high level of creatine, no... Read Full Prayer
5 - Prayers Offered
5 Jul 2020
Geetha George
Bangalore IA India
PLEASE PRAY FOR CONTINUED DIVINE INTERVENTION IN MY SITUATION, That Gods Will may be done here. as I am living in the Presence of Evil. I am Living by Faith. Please Pray All... Read Full Prayer
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4 Jul 2020
CO United States
Please pray for my knee. I had it replaced two years ago. I do not know what I did. I don't remember doing anything. But it has been swollen and very sore for a week now.... Read Full Prayer
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4 Jul 2020
United States
Please pray I and my husband is able to understand each other and lead a good religious life. I am a hot tempered person jesus please help me He is a religious God fearing... Read Full Prayer
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4 Jul 2020
Annie K
D IL United States
Jesus please take care of my husband give him confidence, courage and to understand the people around him and peaceful atmosphere surrounding his job and family
10 - Prayers Offered
3 Jul 2020
Cyriac K
Desplaines IL United States