Family Rosary

My grandson still has 3 more exams. Please pray that he passes them all. Please pray for all turmoil in the world to stop.
1 - Prayers Offered
12 Dec 2018
Dear Lord guide our only child away from a life of control and abuse. Show our child that this is not love.
3 - Prayers Offered
12 Dec 2018
United States
Can you pray for me (Jamal Cheatham) that God will put a repentance spirit in me and for me to be delivered from all spiritual attacks of Satan in my mind; I’m asking in Jesus... Read Full Prayer
5 - Prayers Offered
11 Dec 2018
Jamal Cheatham
NY United States
I am petitioning everyone in prayer to please pray for my outcome on my workman's comp case. Please pray they extended after the holidays. Who wants to be thinking of anything... Read Full Prayer
6 - Prayers Offered
11 Dec 2018
Sarah Leyva
El Paso TX United States
Unemployed. All the bills are due. Two days before s Thanksgiving I was terminated from my job. I am a Government Contractor and my company was supposed to be transferring me... Read Full Prayer
8 - Prayers Offered
11 Dec 2018
Debbie Williams
Laurel MD United States
Please pray for our nearly 4 year old autistic grandson, Leo. He has a high fever and terrible cough, and his life is about to be turned upside down in 7 days. His mother will... Read Full Prayer
10 - Prayers Offered
11 Dec 2018
Laura Corker
Granite Shoals TX United States