Family Rosary

My children are lost. They have stopped trying to hear the voice of God, and are listening to the voices of the world. Pray that they will hear Jesus calling them to life in... Read Full Prayer
5 - Prayers Offered
3 Jun 2020
Theresa McKernan
Millersville MD United States
Wedding anniversary
6 - Prayers Offered
2 Jun 2020
Achamma Kanjirakkattu
Desplaines IL United States
by the suspension of everything, God knows everything, and the conversion of my family and that of my wife.
10 - Prayers Offered
2 Jun 2020
Bethesda MD United States
Hello there! My name is Laia Franquesa. I'm a female teacher of English from Catalonia, in Spain. I am really very upset. My boyfriend's sister is in hospital and now he does... Read Full Prayer
10 - Prayers Offered
2 Jun 2020
Laia Franquesa
Girona Spain
Lord Jesus, my heart is broken. Please solve this issue. AMEN.
13 - Prayers Offered
2 Jun 2020
United States
Please pray for a good job for me as I have been not working for more than a year now and looking hard for work for 7 months. I am older, educated with a degree and have had 1... Read Full Prayer
10 - Prayers Offered
1 Jun 2020
Diane P
British Columbia Canada