Prayer Card

Urgent Prayers for my mother Luz Minerva Camacho Carrasquillo I want prayers to heal my mother from cancer and arthritis and all illnesses. I ask for prayers for my stepfather Angel G Rosado to humble himself he’s too angry all the time and is stressing my mother out. And prayers for the rest of the family and my daughter’s prayers for my daughter Eliana Sanchez Cruz who was bullied by two boys at the age of five and touched In appropriately at a private school and abused by her teacher four years ago she struggles with nightmares was in the hospital last night had shortness of breath can you please pray for her to overcome these nightmares Eliana L Sanchez Cruz Ana María Cruz Camacho, Savanna Sanchez Cruz, Shareem Jenkins, Olivia Palmer Sanchez, Cianny Celest Sanchez Cruz, Katerina Quinones Cruz, Jonathan Davila, Angel G Rosado, Shareem Jenkins Jr, Elvis Saturnino Sánchez Robles Gianny Jenkins, Adrian Davila, Camila Davila, Clarissa Davila, protection and good health and provision favor and family unity. For god to Provide for all of our needs and help us in this tough time. To protect us from harm and evil and evil people.To go before us and prepare every way for us. If any path is crooked or dangerous. To Protect us from the schemes of the enemy and keep us from deception. I pray for peace and healing in our hearts.
29 Sep 2020