Family Rosary

My college daughter Allison completed an associate program for PTA (physical therapy assistant). She has struggled and stayed focused and determined she has dyslexia and ADD i... Read Full Prayer
8 - Prayers Offered
25 Oct 2020
Kelly Boyce
Orland Park IL United States
Jesus, its me. Please heal the weakness in my legs and arms and my back. I have work to do. Please help. Amen
13 - Prayers Offered
24 Oct 2020
United States
Please urgent prayer. My son and his new wife, my grandson and the new wife's psychotic demon daughters are having a horrible horrible fight right now. Please pray we can all... Read Full Prayer
12 - Prayers Offered
24 Oct 2020
Laura Corker
Granite Shoals TX United States
Please pray that I will be offered lots of work to pay my Bill's and to help other people that are less fortunate than myself Amen
21 - Prayers Offered
24 Oct 2020
David Hawkins
Greater Manchester United Kingdom
Please pray that God will heal my legs. AMEN.
13 - Prayers Offered
24 Oct 2020
United States
Having an exam for admission to PhD, this november. Need holy spirit guidance to study and manage time well. I have frequent migraine headaches, body pain, tendency to procras... Read Full Prayer
16 - Prayers Offered
23 Oct 2020
United States