Prayer Card

Please pray for my husband George to be pleasant and compliant with his nurses today so he can get the treatments he needs to get better quickly. He's confused as to why he is in the hospital today, because of high carbon dioxide levels and low oxygen levels affecting his cognitive abilities. He has been increasing dementia type symptoms in the last year or so. He is also on steroid treatments and breathing treatments, which seems to make him abruptly sit up in his bed demanding food every 10 minutes or so. He doesn't remember just eating moments before. He's being quite unpleasant and cantankerous when I left at 7AM after sitting in ER getting him stabilized and admitted for over 8 hours of testing and treatments. He is supposed to stay at least today and tomorrow. Please pray he does what he's supposed to do. I can't sit there with him and argue or remind him because I have home responsibilities to take care of.
8 Jun 2024