Prayer Card

Dear Heavenly Father, I've been busy with some school work but wanted to say thank you for your undying grace and love/support. I went in to get more images done for my mammogram since they contacted stating that I needed more images and possibly ultrasound. They gave me update that everything looked fine and no ultrasound was needed and to go back next year. Thank you, Father. Father please forgive me for all my sins. I am asking for continued prayers for my boyfriend John who lives in TX and working hard doing consulting work. He has Stage 3 to 4 Stomach Cancer that was diagnosed a few years ago. He suffers from combat PTSD from his military/govt days being deployed 4 to 5 times. He seems to be more calm. He hasn't mentioned his brother Mike who is blind but also taking advantage of John since he pays for things and helps his brother Mike. On the flip side Mike seems selfish, has a drinking problem possibly maybe I even pot bc his girlfriend who also takes advantage of John smokes pot doesn't clean the house when they use the house that John paid for but he feels entitled bc their father bought the home but John worked 3 jobs in his 20s to pay off the home. Please continue to place your healing hands on John rid of the cancer and have him healthy. He works so hard has a very big heart when no one in his family appreciates him. I told John I just want him happy, healthy and in peace with little stress. I will continue to love and support him like I always have. He's my best friend and I pray to have him in my life as long as we can have. Father, thank you for everything your undying grace love and support. We love you. In Jesus' name. Amen.
9 Feb 2024