Prayer Card

Please pray for the nightmarish family feud that Matt initiated this morning. I'm not feeling well at all. Please pray for harmony to be restored. Please pray I will be able to get my necessary medicine. No one has any money and the illness going around and stress about situations is going to not allow any sort of thanksgiving dinner to happen. Shaunas contractors still haven't shown up to complete her home repairs. John is sick with some kind of virus. George's health keeps me up all night. I'm so scared about all of these things. I don't have a working shower and have to bathe by throwing cups of water over myself in a messed up walk in tub. I can't sit without screaming pain because of hip and spine injuries. Our bed might as well be made of nails. Sean has so many bills, jobs and obstacles to manage and with 5 kids. Please pray for Little Matthew and Leo to have a great vacation. Little Matthew is here all week. Matt needs to find some source of income. Two of my grown sons want to rearrange my house as if I have no say. That started part of the blow up argument today. Please pray we can overcome all of these things. Please pray for protection from all adversaries I will not mention.
20 Nov 2023