Prayer Card

My name is Gershon Joseph. I am from Pakistan, living in Thailand. We are five family members my father, mother, sister and a brother including me. We came to Thailand in 2017 because of death threats. We were being forced to change religion because we are Christians. We asked UNHCR for help and applied asylum. In the same year, UNHCR closed our file and case. We applied for an appeal but they closed our file again. They didn't listen to us. In 2019, we got arrested by immigration. We were detained in immigration detention center for almost three years. No one came to see us. We had no food, nothing in immigration detention center (IDC). Then in June 2022, an organization helped us to bail out. Now that we are not in the prison anymore but our problems are still not finished. We are not allowed to work.We have to pay for room rent, bills, fares, buy groceries and all the other daily necessities. Our lives have been in problems for soo long. Everyday we have to listen to other people's abuses because we don't have money to give. We have a request to you for sponsorship and financial help because UNHCR is not helping us. I can't see my family's problems everyday. I always think of giving my family poison in food but then I put my hopes in God that one day someone will help us, as we will get out of Thailand to a better place and eventually we will lead a peaceful life. As Jesus said, Ask and it will be given you Find and you shall find Knock and the door will be opened for you. Now, I'm knocking on your door. Please listen to my request. Help me. And sponsor my family.
15 Mar 2023