Prayer Card

I wrote and attend Zoho on 13th September the results will come on October 7th i am getting so tensed because all my hopes dream everything on that job.. please prayer for me i has to be get offer letter from Zoho company by selecting for particular position with good's my dream i am waiting from years to get software job finally i got shortlisted and attend that's first step but there is a big step on October 7th of my results whether i selected or rejected that will get by mail.. please don't make me cry and get depression by getting rejection mail i has to get offer letter by selecting and congratulations mail from Zoho company it will possible by your prayers so please make it happen..i cried a lot and only dark days in life till now there is no good days and happy days in my entire life so all my hopes on this job only make my family laugh heartily by getting this job till now they won't smile heartfully..i am requesting please prayer hardly for me to get happy on October 7th it is one of most and crucial day in my life..make my dream true with your prayers..
30 Sep 2022