Prayer Card

Please pray for all of my relationships with my son's girlfriends, especially Sean's fiance, Kristal. His ex-wife Victoria is really struggling in life for a while now. Homeless almost, staying with bad people, drug use, no job, no car. She was doing so well for a long time, with everything going for her. Then slowly everything started to unravel. Now Leo never gets to see her except an hour or so every couple of weeks. She is staying forty minutes away and usually avoids him because of her situation. He cries every day about her. He never got over the breakup. Kristal is his stepmother now and he resents her terribly. Matt's trying to restore his relationship with his ex-wife, Alyssa Marie and I've been doing everything possible to be supportive of them both without making the other upset. Kristal, Alyssa, and Victoria all have numerous conflicts and troubles between them. Please pray for all of us.
29 Sep 2022