Prayer Card

Please urgent prayers for Matt and little Matthew Jr. That poor child has to hear so much emotional drama because his dad has such intense ups and downs. Big Matt wakes up raging from sleep apnea oxygen deprivation every day and doesn't realize how traumatic it is for his son. He also refuses medical evaluation of mental and physical health for himself, and discourages counseling for his son and family. That child needs consistency and stability. Please Holy Family help us all. Already today big Matt kicked in the door of the main house because he needed to use the bathroom and said he was just going to take off to California. He seems zombie level oblivious to his son's needs when he's like that. I don't know of any child that's had to deal with so much in his 8 short years. Please St. Joseph get in his head and help him wake up to his son's needs.
27 Sep 2022