Prayer Card

Please pray for our suicidal son Matt, his ex-wife Alyssa Marie, their son, Matthew Jr. as they are trying to work out a life together again. It's been a bad struggle lately, and this morning especially. They just moved back from Idaho. She has had an on and off lesbian relationship that has been falling apart. Please pray for us. Holy Family, please help everyone through this mess! Please help our son to process all of this. For a couple of weeks Alyssa and Leslie have moved into the home Matt owns, that he and Alyssa bought together and gave birth to their now 8 year old son while living there. Matt has been staying beside them in the garage he turned into a sleeping quarters. They have all been amiable but the feelings and tensions have escalated now. According to Matt just now, he had attempting to hang himself this morning, but walked over here on the next block where we live. He thinks I have stopped loving him and am only favoring and being supportive of Alyssa, when I've only tried to keep her from running off with their son again with all that's in me. St. Joseph, help us! Mother Mary help us, and ask your son, Our Lord and Savior Jesus that bless this mess and guide.
22 Sep 2022